Mat’s Vows

In honor of you having me as your husband, comes with many promises. Here are just a few. 

I promise to be there in sickness and in health.

In the cold winter months, I promise to keep the heat going with my handyman skills. 

I promise to always be there when you need to be held, and I promise to always come to you when I need be held. 

In the warm spring months, I promise to help you plant WAY too many flowers. 

I promise to continue working hard so we’re financially safe and sound… and to pay for all those flowers.

I promise to occasionally dance with you. 

In the warm summer months, I promise to put a koozie on your cold beer when we’re hanging out in the yard.

I promise my words to you will always be truthful and you will always know my feelings. 

I promise to thank you for the meals you cook and tell your they are delicious.

In the cool fall months, I promise to take you to every waterfall we can find. I guarantee we will get lost getting there, but that’s what makes our adventure so much fun. 

I promise to hold your hand when we’re looking up at the stars at night watching our universe travel above us, bringing us back to the cold winter months, year after year, so we can do it again and again, all that time I get to spend with you. 

My biggest promise to you is that you will always know that you are appreciated, beautiful, and loved. Because that’s what a best friend does. 

Stacy, you’ve waited until the perfect time in your life and mine. You fill mind with peace and tranquility. My soul with nature and positive energy, and my heart with happiness. We have so many adventures ahead of us, and our love will grow stronger with every one of them. I can promise you that. I love you. 

Stacy’s Vows

The best kind of people are the ones that come into your life and make you see the sun where you once saw the clouds. The people that believe in you so much, you start to believe in you too. The people that love you simply for being you. The once in a lifetime kind of people.

You are my once in a lifetime person. You have filled my life with such happiness and have given me a sense of peace that I have never known. I never knew that someone could love, and complete me, the way that you do.

I love everything about you – your patience, your honesty, your creative sense of humor (random dad jokes and all), your appreciation of nature, your ability to fix or build anything you put your mind to (aka MatGyver), your dedication to helping others, the way you back our camper into the smallest spot with such confidence, and how you always keep our lives full of passion and adventure.

From this day forward I promise to continue to laugh with you in the good times, and comfort you through the bad. I promise to love you, support you, be patient and honest with you, and to work together with you to achieve our goals.

I promise that when you come home and tell me that you have a new idea I will listen and trust that the idea is a good one.  And if it’s not, that’s ok. That’s all part of the adventure with you.

I promise that when we are old and gray, we will look back on our lives and have no regrets, and we will be proud of the life we have created together.

Above all, I promise to always remember the gratitude I feel for you when I wake up next to you each morning and fall asleep with you each night. You are my best friend, the love of my life, and I will love you, appreciate you, and respect you forever. From this day forward, you will never walk alone.